72% of mobile users use their phone for text coupons. 49% made a mobile purchase in the last six months. And mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than paper coupons.

If you are searching for a mobile solution to offer your clients, we can help!

Our simple software platform lets your clients offer deals, reward loyalty, sell gift cards and accept payments – all through their customers’ mobile devices. This technology is patented and secure and works on all phones and networks.

Our Partner Program:

Mobile-enables existing payment, gift and loyalty programs
Allows you to create a new revenue stream for new and existing merchant accounts
Expands your product offering with mobile marketing in addition to mobile-enabling your existing products
Affords you the opportunity to be the first to offer a mobile solution in your industry – drawing in more clients and setting you up as an industry leader

What’s in it for you?

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering unique, trackable marketing solutions
Increase retention by offering a solution your customers won’t want to part with
Attract more customers with cutting edge mobile products

Become a Mocapay Partner

Technology / Acquirer / ISO Partners:  Interested in mobile enabling your gift, loyalty, marketing or payment solution and delivering new value to your merchants? Contact us and learn more.

POS Partners:  Enable your POS software to accept mobile tenders and deliver new value to your merchant and reseller networks. Contact us and learn more.

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